Log Splitter Rental Services in Rio De Janeiro

Looking for the log splitter rent in Rio? Wood cutting has been adopted by man for ages. It was started right from the Stone Age and is still continuing to the present cyber age. With the evolution of mankind, the instruments of log cutting also evolved. It all started with stones and at present electric or hydraulic machines is used for the splitting of logs. With evolution, mankind has learnt how to get the job done and at the same time reduce human effort. With the use of log splitters to cut the logs, not only human effort but time is also being saved. The type of log splitter can be of two types, the hydraulic and the electric operated.

First let’s get to the hydraulic log splitter-

The hydraulic log splitter is the simplest of log splitters available. It is composed of 4 basic components-

  1. The engine, which is generally a 4 stroke gas powered internal combustion engine that provides power to all the important components. The engine is coupled with a hydraulic oil pump
  2. The hydraulic pump gets power from the engine and creates a stream of high-pressure oil which is supplied to a valve.
  • The valve, which is controlled by the operator, controls the splitter
  1. A reservoir contains the hydraulic oil.log splitter
    Coming to the working principle, once the gasoline operated engine is started, it draws the hydraulic oil from the reservoir. The oil is then pressurized to the cutter that sets a to and fro based motion of reciprocating. The cutter is directed along the desired path of the wood which has to be split.

Next let us consider the electric log splitter.

In the case of an electric log splitter, a 220-voltac motor drives the cutter. It is the job of the operator to either direct the wood or control the direction along which the cutter has to be directed. In the case of a mounted electric splitter, the capacity of cutting is much higher than a portable electric splitter. In the case of a mounted log splitter, the wood is kept mobile, and the splitter is fixed. But with the portable splitter, the wood is kept fixed, and the splitter is mobile.

Let’s do a comparison between the hydraulic and electric splitter.

Advantages of electric log splitters over hydraulic splitters-

  • The electric splitters can be used both indoors and outdoors depending upon the job. But in thecase of thehydraulic splitter, the splitter needs to be fixed indoor, and the wood needs to be brought to the splitter.
  • There are no emissions presents in thecase of the electric splitter because there is no internal combustion engine running in this case as in the case of hydraulic splitters. So electric splitters are more environmentally
  • The cutting speed is much more in case of electric splitter.

Advantages of hydraulic log splitter over electric

  • The hydraulic log splitter can deliver more power
  • Can operate in case of power cut

So when deciding to go for a best log splitter, it is up to the user to consider the conditions of operation.

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